2 Feb

2 February 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

F only.
C & J came & the Times notice of my book. Sent to the bank. J. brought me more flowers. Saw the lovely palm. Work will win if only I can stick to it. It will win after all & through all. [KM Notebooks]

Is there really a tearing hurry about the house? I fully appreciate the fact that you do not want to stay at Portland Villas. At the same time it would not matter if we were there until the middle of the summer. And when I come home L.M. can help with the house hunting. I mean she could always go for a preliminary inspection in the middle of the week & so save you useless journeys. This is well worth considering. She knows just what we want.
By the way - about that story Rutter has. I am awfully sorry to bother you - but I must see the proofs myself before it is printed. If its typed 10 to 1 there will be mistakes and at any rate I cant expect anyone to go through it as I must go through. Every word matters. This is not conceit - but it must be so. Will you promise to send the proofs to me if he prints the story? Ill send them back express the same day. If you did not live at such racing speed I would beg you to go through the typed copy with the MSS and see that the spaces were correct - that where I intend a space there is a space. Its sure to be wrong. But I cant afford mistakes. Another word wont do. I chose every single word.
Will you please answer this when you write.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]