19 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Dearest Bogey
I have changed my plans and am going to Paris on Monday for the treatment - i.e. for 8-10 weeks. I am not a little bit satisfied with the purely experimental manner of it here, and as I realise more than ever these last foggy days how dreadful it would be to go back or not to go forward I would endure any hotel - any Paris surroundings for the sake of Manoukhin himself. I'm sure you'll understand. You see Webster is simply a radiologist. He doesn't examine one, or weigh one or watch the case as they did at the clinic. Everything was different. It's quite natural - he knows nothing. He is experimenting. And I don't feel I'm in the mood for experiments.
If I leave on Monday I'll get another treatment next Wednesday at 3 Rue Lyautey.
[To J. M. Murry, 27 September 1922.]