19 May 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dearest Brett,
   I can't write a long letter as I would like to for I am infernally busy with work. But read inbetween the lines, dearest, & forgive me. About your coming. This hotel is absolutely full up. Not even a room for 1/2 an hour! And they don't know when there will be one. So you'll go to your Big Men? Paris looks absolutely marvellous just now - it has never been more beautiful and so light, so airy-fairy. I hope you'll come. If you do - would you bring me 2 tablets Cuticura soap? The only soap for the complexshun! Here it is so dear that one can't afford to wash one's face at all. You know the stuff done up in a horrid black & yellow packet, gooseberry green soap. But it is pure as a lily.
   I went to the clinic for the last time yesterday. Manoukhin says I am not I yet ‘out of the wood'. My right lung is still a bad one. After 2 months of repose I have to go back for 12 more séances. However . . . I am infinitely better - as long as the sun shines. Why does the sun ever go in? Ask this question one of your Thursdays & tell me what your philosophers answer! [To Dorothy Brett, 13 May 1922.]