19 Mar

19 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

I wrote a review last night of 4 books of short stories - 2 columns. Its the only way to treat them - I mean to do them by the bunch. How you have had to work! Bogey - you must have your holiday. Would it be too expensive & unpractical to go to Ireland? Get Beatty to find us a place? I feel it would be such a thorough change for you but on the other hand it is a waste as far as cottage getting is concerned & - youre english & I want to see the English summer country. But you must have a complete rest & Id like you to have bathing or boating
I am very anxious for you to send me a copy of Prelude if you can. Will you? And darling if you can send back B.C.'s Christmas card I can get a perfect frame for it here - in any colour. I wish you would. Is that possible? Just slip it into the pages of Prelude: that would be all the best. Mrs Dunn's millionaire husband arrives today. His name is James Dunn & he has just floated the British Cellulose Company with 2 millions of treasury money to help him. L-G bought and old Squiff bought as well. A powerful fellow - a very bad man, I imagine. We (J. C. & I) smell a cloven hoof already. But that doesn't interest Bogey. Are the tulips above ground. How is our raskal? Do you love him as much as ever? And Athy? The Chaucer is exquisite: I know the poem. I remember it. I read Alexander Smiths, essay on Chaucer yesterday: its very good. Hes a very pleasant fellow. Goodbye for now my blessed one.
Your very own little
Wig.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]