19 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Dear Ida,
   After your detailed letters I quite understand the situation as between you and Susie. I hope you will not be too distressed at the thought you ‘cannot' help her. Was she quite within her moral rights (legal rights don't count) in fixing up a place without you having seen it? That seems to me a trifle queer as between partners but then I don't know.
   I hope you will be able to come to me fairly soon. I need someone very much for many reasons.
   But whatever happens please don't think of bringing Wing. It would be absolutely impossible. I shall not stay here for any length of time; I shall be in Paris in the autumn (I expect) and then I rather think of going to Italy instead of the S. of France for the winter. Jack goes over to England at the end of August for the autumn - perhaps until the spring. But the cat we cant have. Imagine my temper if you had that poor creature in a train. I should get out of the train. Besides no decent hotel will take a cat & the cruelty is really abominable to drag about a helpless animal. Wing would be happy with anyone who gave him food and a warm corner. If you can't find anyone what about your writing to Jeanne? The trouble is she has her beloved dog Kuri. But is it impossible to keep a cat & a dog? [To Ida Baker, 16 June 1922.]