19 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

   By the way I have discovered something interesting about the Russian colony in Paris - I mean Manoukhin and his friends. They are intensely religious. Before the revolution they were all sceptics - as far from religion as the English intelligenzsia. But now that is changed. They go to church perpetually, kneel on the cold stones, pray, believe, really, in religion. This is very strange. Last Good Friday at the clinic Manoukhin was late and his partner, Donat, a handsome white bearded man with a stiff leg, talked to us about it. They have become mystics, said he. Mystic! That strange word one is always touching the fringes of and running away from . . .
   Forgive this letter - all is scraps and pieces. I am shamefully tired and only fit for business communications. I try to whip myself up but its no good. The spirit is there all right, dearest. Please read between the lines and I promise in another week or two I shall send a better different letter.
[To Dorothy Brett, 17 April 1922.]