18 June

18 June 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

Anne darling,
After you had gone I really found your small South Sea Island or Pacific Summer on the blue chair in the fish basket. What an ungrateful creature I must have appeared. And lve been living on the contents ever since. At this very moment my lunch tray has just appeared crowned with the pineapple. Thank you mille mille fois, darling, gener¬ous woman. If you will let me know your address I will post the basket; they are so useful especially at the bord du mer.
I cant tell you what joy it was to see you again - and I loved your dress, your hat and the big comb in your hair, and the baby's photographs and our conversations and I wished more than ever that we lived within more frequent hailing distance - in France - Perhaps one year we shall.
Toujours, toujours
ton devouée Katherine
Mille baisers pour le petit. [To Anne Drey in Collected Letters]