18 February 1921

18 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

What has happened to the inkstand with the elephants on it - mother-of-pearl, inlay - or was it ivory. Some of the inlay had begun to come off; I fancy one of the elephants had lost one eye. And that dim little picture of a snowy landscape hanging on the wall in your room. Where is it now? And where are the kittens and the children and Christ, who looked awfully like a kitten, too, who used to hang in the dining room. And that leather furniture with the tufts of horsehair stuffing coming out.

Where are all the hats from the hatstand. And do you remember for how long the bell was broken. Then there was the statue on the stairs, smiling, the fair caretaker, always washing up, the little children always falling through her door.

And your little room with the tiny mirror and the broken window & the piano sounding from outside.

[Letter to S. S. Koteliansky in Collected Letters, 19 February 1921.]