18 February 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Id put them in the top double bedroom of course and ask 35 francs. Tell me what you think of this idea. It would be a terrific help if it could be done easily. No help at all, in fact a horror if you don't care about the idea or if it sounds difficult. It is indeed only a suggestion - an in case - to be answered as such - to be taken "lightly".
   As I write I am conscious I exaggerate a bit and that is not fair to you. If I have to drop that money on the chalet - well I must drop it, that's all. But I want to tell you its a little bit hard to do so. The first fortnight here I spent in all £50. And I cant earn to keep up with it. This ‘plan' would save your fares down and up again. There is that to consider. It would also give you your £8 a month clear and perhaps a little over. I want you to believe I am not just making use of you. I am treating you as my friend, asking you to share my present minuses in the hope I can ask you to share my future pluses
   Talk it over with me - will you?
                   Yours ever
If my MS will not go into the box in Esher, will you take it out of Esher & pack it separately at the bottom of the box. It would go then, I think. I must just ‘risk' losing it. But don't let go of my shawl. [To Ida Baker, 18 February 1922.]

Dear Brett,
   The pink cyclamen has come and is in front of my vanity table. I am so very happy to have it. It will hang in my room wherever I am. Eventually I shall pay you back with a story. And even then I'll still be in your debt. I love cyclamen.
   Forgive this card. I am desperately tired but I had to let you know at once. I will write again in a few days. But for the next week or so I shall be a fearfully dull [?]
   But a loving one.
            Tig [To Dorothy Brett, 18 February 1922.]