18 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

We nearly saw Ethel Sands last week. Murry quite saw Iris Moffet. Met her in the street. Has she been ill? He said she was so changed he hardly knew her. Something has happened to her skin. But perhaps it was only temporary. I have been seeing my Schiffs after all. They are wonderfully kind and sensitive. There are some people whom one delights in for most complicated reasons - by delights in I mean enjoy. I suppose the pleasure is nearly all literary. The Schiffs are a perfect feast to one in that way. I could watch, listen, take in for days at a time. And then I admire Violets appearance very much - do you? Everything is so definite - her lips, her eyes, nose, teeth, and that air of radiance. She has a lovely throat, too - very full, and her gaiety is very very rare.
[To Dorothy Brett, 17 April 1922.]