17 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

   Would you care for a cat? I have a cat who is at present in England and I cannot have him with me. It is too cruel to make cats travel. He is a beautiful animal, except for a scratch on his nose, one ear badly bitten and a small hole in his head. From the back view however he is lovely for he has a superb tail. In all his ways he can be trusted to behave like a gentleman. He is extremely independent and, of course, understands everything that is said to him. Perhaps Mademoisel Guita would like him?
   But this is not urgent. At present he is with Ida Baker. She would hand him over to anyone in a basket. But I dont want you to have him. I mean I am not for one moment asking you to have him. Of course not. Simply, it occurred to me that you might find it a not unpleasant idea. . . I must confess he will not catch mice. But mice do not know that and so the sight of him keeps them away. He has a fair knowledge of French. [To S.S. Koteliansky, 17 June 1922.]