17 July

17 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

We both enjoyed immensely our evening. The play began so splen¬didly and, even though it did not keep it up, I for my part was so happy to be there . . . We discussed, all the way home, a new Athenaeum -the idea of throwing overboard all the learned societies and ancient men and reviews of Dull old Tomes, and opening the windows to the hurry¬ing sounds outside, and throwing all the old gang into the river. After all, is it good enough to be half way between what we really want to do and what we don't care a pin for. What will the Bishops and the Antiquarians say to the short stories? And just supposing we really told the truth abut everything, confidently. The car rushed through St. John's Wood and we decided to do it, but not to use violence. I wonder if it is possible ... I wish you could see my roses. They are so exquisite that yesterday I made Jones photograph them so that I should be able to show you how they looked.
Oh, the devastating cold. I cannot keep warm & all day long people walk up and down the stairs & just don't knock at my door. Do you ever want to hide, Violet, to be completely hidden so that nobody knows where you are. Sometimes one has a dreadful feeling of exposure - its intolerable. I mustn't say these things.
With love to you both: I think of you constantly.
K.M. [To Violet Schiff in Collected Letters, ?16 July 1920]