17 February 1921

17 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

What's this Ive been hearing about you Riccardo Murryo.

The Big Bear has written to say he has seen the Little Bear's drawings & he's persuaded hes the real thing & hes made very Great and Important Progress.

If you were here Tiny Bear would have to give you a small hug for that or a piece of wild honey out of a hollow tree. (Little Bear: "Yes, thats all the best.")

But it really is thrilling news & I wish I could see them too.

A big fat Catholic priest has just been to see me, sitting by my bedside in a red plush armchair. I thought, as I listened, and looked meek: Richard would have de faire son portrait with cocobutter, lamp black, and a little rich gravy-out-of-the-dish for the cheek bones. But being a perlite little thing, I didn't say it out loud.

(1) Theres a Chinese Magnolia out in the garden. Oh, Sir, you never see such a Beauty.

(2) The peach tree is in flower. I noticed it at the same moment as a young bee. The young bee literally fell down about 3 feet of air in its astonishment. As for roman hyacinths & violets & gilly flowers they are just bread and butter here.

Im going to get up tomorrow. Please fly the flag. Goodbye little Painter-Brother


[Letter to Richard Murry in Collected Letters, 17 February 1921.]