17 Feb

17 February 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

No its not like that
Will you put this letter from A. & the drawing in the file? Both are so characteristic of him & so delightful they ought to be kept. And would you please post this letter to AnneNo post for me today - not a letter or a paper: I am so disappointed. I had none yesterday either. I am sure they have not gone to the Hermitage; they must be en route. And my overcoat. Bogey was it registered. When can I expect it? Can you know? I am worried about it. Its not that I want it so much just at the moment (though I do) but Im so afraid it may have gone astray & yet this is surely very unlikely with a parcel in the sac diplomatique. But was it insured? It is a vile day - a real Mistral. One is protected from it here - though. But Rendall says I can go for walks & that makes one impatient. I want to go for gallops to the china shop. Bogey if ever you have neuralgia or rheumatism or any pains of that kind take irénine. It is in the form of cachets & its absolutely Infallible. Dont forget darling. Any French chemist would sell it to you I expect. This isn't a letter today. J'attends -
Your own Wigchik.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]