17 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Im sure we shall be in Paris until the middle of June for once Manoukhin is over I must get my teeth seen to before we go off again. Then we think of making for Austria or Bavaria, and perhaps our old love, Bandol for the winter. Thats what we want to do. I foresee I shall have to pick up a young maid in Bavaria. I cant do without somebody - not a Mountain - but a maid. Who takes ones gloves to be cleaned? Looks after ones clothes, keeps them brushed and so on - and then there's ones hair and all that. It takes such a terrific time to keep everything going. There is an endless succession of small jobs. And then one wants little things bought - new sachets and toothpaste - all those things to keep renewed. I can't keep up with it not if I was as strong as ever. There's too much to write and too much to read and to talk about. I can't for the life of me understand how women manage. Its easier for men because of the way they dress and so on. Also they aren't dependent on small things like we are. No, a little nice Bertha or Augusta is my ambition. [To Dorothy Brett, 17 April 1922.]