16 October 1922

Select Hotel, Place de la Sorbonne, Paris

Why don't you get some animals? Im not joking. Two hours a day would be enough for them. Birds, rabbits, a goat - anything and live through it or them! I know you will say you haven't the time. But you'll find your work is a 100 times easier if you come to it refreshed, renewed, rich, happy. Does this sound like preaching. Dont let it. I am trying to tell you what I feel deep down is your way of escape. It is to really throw yourself into life, not desperately but with the love you even don't feel yet. People wont do. We know too well that unless one has a background of reality in oneself people can't endure in us. When we have a table spread we can afford to open our door to guests, but not before. But enough of this. I am afraid of boring you. [To J. M. Murry, 15 October 1922.]