16 November 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

Dear Ida
   I have forgotten your Lewes address. Please send it me. And tell me how long you will be in England, will you? I have asked Jack to give you some stockings to bring me. Id like another wrap, too, like my red one, but cream & another pair of slippers from Lewis just like the ones I have. But Ill let you know, later. Jack seems v. well & v. happy. Do see him! I am so grateful for my toilet accessories. They are a comfort. The blue dress is about 2 miles too long. It trails. I shall have to take it up about ½ a yard for dancing.
   DONT make me woollen tops please or woollen knickers. I don't need them. Id rather have a few thin crepe tops - I need them urgently, & some ribbons for head bands. Why did I ever throw away what I have thrown away!
   Bon Voyage.
                          Yours ever
                                    K.M.[To Ida Baker, 13 November 1922.]