16 Mar

16 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

I must reply paid but don't you bother to. Ive got eight golden pages from you and I have just eaten the perfect infant. Chère chère!!!
What a being to have produced. My three new spring hats are off to the darling. There he sits - absolutely confident that the ancient incredible old world is spinning round because he is sitting there and just laughing at the joke of it all. Let me love him when I come home. Bless his fingers and toes. Tell him he has an Aunt Katherine who cant look at him without turning into a kind of rainbow smile. Darling - to use our private, old time language I think you have absolutely boxed it as far as the baby business is concerned. Tell him Ill turn Catherine wheels if hell laugh at me and tell him that his mother has really been whiffling to some purpose!
Im leaving here April 27th and coming to England until the fin d'Octobre when I return here. Ill be in Hampstead for the summer. We must meet soon. Im ever so much better & can walk and talk but part of my left lung is gone and that means my heart is not a boxers heart & Ill never be able to climb trees or run or swim again. Isn't that a bit steep of Almighty God. Im always praising him too, but there you are - Im terribly happy all the same and I don't think the world has lost an athlete darling - do you?
[. . .]
I am lying here with ‘relations' the dearest people only they are not artists. You know what that means? I love them and theyve just been too good & dear to me but they are not in the same world that we are & I pine for my own people my own ‘wandering tribe'.  [To Anne Drey in Collected Letters, 18 March 1920]