16 July

16 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

Friday I was on the point of writing to you about tomorrow evening. Conrad Aitken cannot come. Instead, Max Bodenheim , educated in Chicago, was a poet and later a novelist a new American just fresh from New York, having come over steerage with Minna his wife to ‘look around and see if he can start roots anyway . . . say, Mrs Murry, I've got the goods to hand over if you've got the window space for them' will be here, and Tom Moult and his Bessie. Tom Moult is the editor of Voices , a little, rather childish naive creature who writes poems and has a novel just coming out and Bessie is a smaller quieter creature who is everything that is good and kind but will talk to me about Madame Montessori and persist in telling me it's not so important to attract the child's attention as to guide it. This, because I am bad and wicked, bores me. I do not see why you should have to endure such people. If you did come we should be very happy, but I shrink from boring you, while I long to see you. [To Violet Schiff in Collected Letters, c.16 July 1920]