16 Jan

16 January 1920

Casetta Deerholm, Ospedaletti - Italy

Wrote & sent reviews. Stayed in bed worked. Had a bath. The day was very lovely. I had to work hard. In the evening began my new story A Strange Mistake. P.O. strike for letters and telegrams. At night I could not sleep. My life in London seems immeasurably far and all like a dream. L.M. talked of herself as a child. [KM Notebooks

Name Katherine Middleton Murry
Address c/o Bank of New Zealand, 1 Queen Victoria St, London E.C.4.
Motor Car No. 0194
Bicycle No. Stores 109750
Height 5 feetinches
Size of gloves
Size of boots 4
In case of serious accident or other urgent need please notify
John Middleton Murry, Athenaeum, 10 Adelphi Terrace W.C., London. [KM Notebooks, undated]