16 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

   Can you tell me the name of a Hotel in Paris that has an ascenseur that really does go up & down and isn't too terribly unsympathetic? I simply don't know one, nowadays & shall have to sit on my luggage while someone looks. Last time I stayed at one that Cooks recommended with one of those glass-topped beds and strong tea coming out of the hot water tap. They plucked me to my last pin-feather for these luxuries - I don't mind where it is as long as the lift will go up as well as down - so important that. In Switzerland the lifts only go down. Never up. Its a mystery to me. Id like Fergussons views on it or Blums. K: "How does it happen that this lift never goes up?" Swiss (smiling) "It always goes down Madame". K: ???? Swiss: !!!!
                        Katherine [To Anne Drey, 15 January 1922.]