16 Feb

16 February 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

My darling darling Anne

Ive just heard from Murry that Constable has accepted my book & that you may perhaps do some drawings for it. This last fact simply FILLS me with joy. Will you do them? It excites me so - the thought of them. You know how I admire & love your work - you blessed woman - and how proud I am to have your name & mine walking bras dessus bras dessous. You know my BAG. It is my chez moi. It goes with me like Mary's lamb wherever I go. Whenever I get into another Strange Room - out comes the Bag & the Interior Decoration is complete. How many times I have greeted you as I put it on the sofa end or on the wardrobe handle. I don't believe a day passes but I think of you. It will always be so. There you just are. Whenever I fill the jar with anemones or peel a tangerine or see a tree covered with fruit or pick flowers or throw a stone into the sea or laugh on the quiet OR try on a hat or see a particularly ravishing bébé I think ‘ANNE'.
Ive been (dont laugh) ill since December 5th with a cursed heart - and I cant walk even yet. But the corner is turned and I shall be a well girl again very soon. You know Anne the ‘art business' for me is the only Thing that Matters - I cant find a substitute which is ‘both nourishing & satisfying'. I wish you were here - the weather is glorious. Italy is a cursed spot but France - is the old old story.
Salutations. Love - a great deal of Love to you & to le petit. Heaven bless your loves. [. . .]
I am always your
Katherine.  [To Anne Drey in Collected Letters]