16 August

16 August 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

Dearest Violet,
I shall be delighted to keep Tuesday afternoon free. Im much better. The 'trouble' has been lve had an overdose of vaccine and it laid me low. Ten million - oh twenty million - hosts of streptococci attacked and fought one another. I have done with vaccine. The English Review is become so degraded that one can expect nothing better of it. All the same it is disgusting; one longs to see such work in print.
Weren't those Tchekhov sketches absolute parings. But M. [Murry] was not responsible that time. It was the staff's choice. My Catholic cousins (the Villa Flora ones) have bought a new huge villa in Garavan - the other bay. It has, at its gates, a dolls house with a verandah, garden, everything complete. And this I have taken from them. I shall be in touch with them, still, & they are getting me a maid and so on, but at the same time Im free. Can you imagine the delight of writing to the villa Violet of telephoning to them (my Isola Bella has a telephone) and asking them if they will come over? Don't you envy me? By the time you come my garden will be full of flowers - Heavens! What a joy that will be. And we shall ignore Time - trick the wretch just for a little -
Yours ever
Katherine.. [Letter to Violet Schiff in Collected Letters]