16 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

   I wired you today. This is just to say how glad I shall be if you can put me up on Wednesday. I have been horribly ill since you left; I must see Sorapure with as little delay as possible. Please don't tell anyone I am coming not even Koteliansky. And could you possibly, if you have the time, find out by any means an address for Ida? Any boarding house or hotel in Belsize Park? Id be most fearfully grateful. Dont make preparations for me - will you? What would be perfect would be to feel you just let me in without giving me a moment's thought. You know what I mean? Everything will be nice, darling. Theres only one thing. If you can put me into a bedroom rather than the sitting-room . . . No, I take that back. Thats nonsense. If you knew how those orange flowery curtains are waving in my mind at this moment! Will you really be at your door on Wednesday?Or is it a fairy tale?
          Ever your loving
              Tig. [To Dorothy Brett, 10 August 1922.]