16 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

   Its a good thing on the whole dearest that you are not coming this month after all - May will be better. I was a little imprudent last week, or I suppose I must have been, and ever since I last wrote Ive been. . . as before. It will pass away again. Manoukhin said last Friday I must not walk more than 10 minutes yet but drive everywhere. So thats what I am doing. The rest of the time I lie down again and write. But its only a li'll bit of a downfall. In a week or two Ill be up again.
   Brett how dare you even breathe the idea of scrubbing. If you ever take a scrub brush in your hand I hope it will sting you and run after you like a beetle. Dont work any more than you can possibly help! Its cheaper by far to employ slaves for those jobs. I hope your servant is a good creature and will really look after you. I wish I knew more about your house and its fixings but its tiring to write such things. You'll tell me when you come over.  [To Dorothy Brett, 17 April 1922.]