15 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Darling, Im too shy to write proposing myself to Will Rothenstein. If you care to send him a card saying I am agreeable I'd be pleased to be in a book. But wouldn't that be the best way to do it? Richard came yesterday and did a drawing. It was extremely well done. He's been to the Aeolian Hall and chosen rolls for the pianola. So this little house sighs like a shell with Beethoven.
Ah, Bogey, I had such a sad letter today from Roma Webster. Goodbye Arco. She is afraid there will be no Arco for her. And goodbye Paris and the Manoukhin treatment. It cannot be for her. "Every day I am getting worse". Brave noble little soul shining behind those dark lighted eyes! She has wanted so much, she has had so little! She wants so terribly just to be allowed to warm herself, to have a place at the fire. But she's not allowed. She's shut out. She must drive on into the dark. Why? Why cant I go to Rome? I should like to start for Rome today just to kiss her hands and lay my head on her pillow. [To J. M. Murry, 23 September 1922.]