15 Mar

15 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Ill write to Violet leaving all plans ‘pending'. I rely on you to get rid of Waterlow - and to let us be alone for those six months. (Heavens! What a request. I would have thought you could not have borne to share our life with him in the little while we are together.) If you would rather not - let me. Ill write at once. But it must be done at once. Please wire me if you would rather I wrote or not - will you? But let me at least have our life together unspoilt by strangers for the little time we have together. Does that sound too "queer" to you? Please at any rate try & leave it all till April 30th and DONT unsettle Violet. I don't think you know how we depend on her. No, dearest love - the only thing is to wait but to get Waterlow out if you can or if not let me explain to him AT ONCE.
Your own

A heart flying to greet you & panting after the water brooks. Ill have to add to this. Marie has just brought your telegram about Waterlow. Im so happy I have turned a Katherine wheel & feel inclined to cheer. Just wait till I get home thats all the best. And we shall be alone & all the house ours and a perfect table & the new cups & saucers with their flowers & fluting. And the windows shall be open - youll be in old clothes, Ill be in fair ones -Wing & Athy there - fruit in our Italian dish - HAPPINESS happiness. We'll be really truly alone. Ill be able to pick up your hand, look at it - kiss it - give it back to you.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters, 14 March 1920]