15 Dec 1921

15 December 1921

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

    Yes, I will go to Paris if Manoukhin answers. But I can get no reply - which is very disappointing. I like exceedingly the sound of your new friend. Do tell me more about him. And oh! how lovely the lights sound - the bottil & glass & the motor car! Greet them for me.
    If I go to Paris I will keep you to your word. I shall expect you. But today makes me feel let it be indoors, somewhere warm where there is music & coffee that bubbles in the cup. Heat! Heat!! This is just a note - the envelope broken to put it in to stop your extravagance. Dont do it, my dear little artist. I ‘note' the size of your tootsies. Now send your address for Christmas.
                            Tig   [To Dorothy Brett, 13 December 1921.]

Dear Elizabeth,
Forgive this paper but I am out of reach of handmaidens. So awful is the weather that I have retired under the edredon until it changes. There is no snow. But there is a cold sheet of icy mist, like a slate pressing against the windows and we feel like slate pencils inside. Nothing warms one. The chauffage goes night and day but one shivers night and day as well. If this is the between season people are wise to avoid it. The worst of it is our brains are frozen, too. We live for the postman and he brings us bills. We long for letters - the kind of letters exiles are supposed to receive, and a copy of The Nation comes instead.  [To Elizabeth, Countess Russell, 15 December 1921.]