14 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

My dearest Brett
   You sent me such a lovely letter. I wanted to answer it at once. But I am working at such pressure. It sounds absurd. But it is really difficult to find time for letters, even. First, about your health. Do you feel better? Is the pain in your lung? Is there anyone who would paint you with iodine - in French tincture d'iode. Or if not won't you buy a packet of Thermogène and clamp it on the spot & keep it there until the pain is gone. Do, look after yourself Eat! Rest! Don't carry your paint box. I shall be thankful when you are here in really good air with the old girls looking after you and feeding you properly. And remember to put on warm clothes for the journey here - woolies. Its fresh in the mountains; its sometimes cold. You can always shed them in the train & then wind yourself up when you reach Sierre.
   Now about the journey. The night train is best. The one we took from the Gare de Lyon - 9-something. You have to change at Lausanne next morning at about 9. But I looked on your account for Cook's men & I saw two in full view. Even without them the change is perfectly simple & there is no rush. Plenty of time. At Sierre M. will meet you. I hope to be there, too. Then there is only a gentle ride 1/2 way up the mountains and then there is a cup of tea.  [To Dorothy Brett, 14 June 1922.]