14 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Yes, the title of your novel is lovely, and from the practical standpoint excellent. I see so many pretty little hands stretched towards the library shelf. . . ‘About Love'. I don't see how any body could avoid buying a copy. But tres serieusement, I am so glad you are at work on it. Do you intend to ‘adopt a literary career' as they say? Or do you have to make literature your mistress. I hope Bolton is not a permanent address if you dislike it so. I was there 17 years ago. I remember eating a cake with pink icing while a dark intense lady told me of her love for Hadyn Coffyn & that she had 13 photographs of him in silver frames in her bedroom. I was very impressed, but perhaps it wasn't a typical incident. I meant to tell you of the lovely place where I am staying but this letter is too long. The flowers are wonderful just now. Don't you love these real summer flowers? You should see the dahlias here, big spiky fellows, with buds like wax, and round white ones and real saffron yellow. The women are working in the vines. Its hot and fine with a light valley wind.
    Goodbye. I am so glad we are friends. [To William Gerhardi, 10 July1922.]