14 Jan

14 January 1920

Casetta Deerholm, Ospedaletti - Italy

Foster came. Says my lung is remarkably better but must rest absolutely for 2 months & not attempt to walk at all. I have got a ‘bigger chance'. Bell rang at night. My life pains me. Cannot get a move on. Dreamed about Banks. She gave me her baby to look after. Heard from Jinnie. [KM Notebooks

Your letter has made me spring so high that 30 francs a day is mountain peaks below! I do not know how I am to thank Cousin Connie and you for this letter. Will you please believe that large warm beams of gratitude are coming out of this letter and that the inkpot is flashing and stars are dropping off the pen.
But seriously - thank you from my heart! The Hermitage sounds the very place for me, and Ida is quite content to go to the Pension Anglaise. I know I shall be able to earn the extra money to keep us both quite easily in such surroundings. Besides, I shall get well at such a rate that they will turn me out for a fraud by the time April is over.
Could they take us soon? Ida is going in to San Remo to-day to see about our passports and so on and I wondered whether, if we can get a car, they would be ready for us to-day week (next Wednesday). Or is that too soon? We shall prepare ourselves for Wednesday, and then if we must wait a few days it will not matter. I should like if possible to take the rooms for a month to begin with, tho' I am sure I shall stay longer.
I keep re-reading your letter as I write. My dear, what trouble you have taken - and how soon you have answered. I had marked Friday in my diary as the day I could ‘perhaps' hear.
I told the doctor man that I wanted very much to leave here and he said that I must - there were no two opinions. My lungs are much better and my heart is only temporary caused, he says, by the fever and ‘acute nervous strain.' But that will vanish away as soon as the solitary confinement is over.  [To Jinnie Fullerton in Collected Letters