14 December 1920

14 December 1920

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Singing                        Madame Lavena

kissed & kissed the dark, sweet smelling hand with the silver ring.
Pa-pa! Pa-pa!

the baby became covered with inkspots & served her as a little reminder for days & days of the things she had forgotten to say and the things she might said so differently!

(here he used to sit & sometimes on the path below there sat a small white & yellow cat with a tiny flattened face. It sat very still & its little peaked shadow lay beside it ... This little cat never ran straight. It wound its way along the path, skirting the tufts of grass, crept now by the fence, now to the side of a rubbish heap & its little paws seemed to touch the ground as lightly as possible as though it were afraid of being followed - traced.)

I shan't say it like that. It's only a note. But Ah my darling how often I have watched your small silent progress. I shall not forget you, my little cat, as you ran along your beat on this whirling earth.

When Jean-Paul was undressed his breast was like a small cage of bent bamboos. And she hated to see it. "Cover yourself!" & he shot his small arms into his woollen shirt.
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