13 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

If I stay I do hope we shall be able to meet later on perhaps. Let us arrange some easy place for both of us then. It would be most awfully nice to have a talk. Im living in two crooked little rooms here in a little crooked house. Its a relief to be away from hotels after live months in Paris in a hotel bedroom overlooking a brick wall. John is going to live for a time in Sussex with Locke-Ellis (do you know him?) at a place called Selsfield - a very lovely house on a hill top. Shall you be going back to Steyning in October?
Ill never be able to knock any spots off this city, my dear. It frightens me. When Im with people I feel rather like an unfortunate without a racquet standing on the tennis court while a smashing game is being played by the other three. Its a rather awful and rather silly feeling.
Don't forget how much Id love to see you! Or how sorry I am for everything.
Lovingly yours.
Katherine M. [To Sylvia Lynd, 19 September 1922.]