13 May 1921

13 May 1921

Hotel Beau Site, Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland

Tout va bien. [Telegram to J. M. Murry]

[Chateau Bellevue] Sierre,
I am in the middle of one of my Giant Coups. Yesterday evening I decided to look no longer for doctors in Montreux. In fact I felt the hour had come for something quite extraordinary. So I phone Montana — asked Dr. Stephani to descend by funiculaire to Sierre and meet me here at the Chateau Bellevue at 3 o’clock today - then engaged a car and started off this morning shortly after 9 o’clock. It is years since I have done such things. It is like a dream. [To J.M. Murry, 14 May]

Sweethert myn
  I got back from Sierre at about 7.30 last night. I rather wish I hadn’t sent you that little note from there. It was so confuged. Tear it up, love. While I write a man is playing the Zither so sweetly and gaily that ones heart dances to hear. Its a very warm, still day.
  Will you please look at this picture of the lake at Sierre? Do you like it? Its lovely, really it is. Bogey if we spend a year here in Switzerland I don’t think you will regret it. I think you would be happy.

[To John Middleton Murry in Collected Letters, 15 May.]