13 Mar

13 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Jack seems so very busy that he never has time to write me a real letter. I miss them so! For the Tig you know is an animal which removed from its native soil, however golden the cage & however kind & charming the people who hand it things through the bars or even pat it, LONGS for fat envelopes to eat and when left without them she finds it an awful effort not to just creep into a corner and pine. But it can't be helped. I have asked Jack for them so often that Im sure he'd send them if he had them - he just hasn't - that's all.
Will you be quite changed when I come back. Please carry something that I can recognise you by such as - an emerald green handkerchief printed with a design of pink shrimps or a walking stick [Drawing of crooked stick with large bow on top.] tied with a large bow of pale blue ribbon. No, Heaven bless you I shall know you anywhere and you'll know me. Here's one kind of palm. [Drawing of four different palm trees, one with fruit under which she has written ‘dates in the middle'.] No I cant draw them I must wait until I go out & do them from nature. [Drawing of female figure with parasol standing looking at two palm trees, sun above, cat running behind.]
Yours ever
Katherine.  [To Richard Murry in Collected Letters, c.13 March 1920]