13 June

13 June 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

It fell so softly so gently it seemed to him that even tenderly it fell. It floated through the air as if it were sorry about something and wanted to reassure him, to comfort him. Forget! Forget! All is blotted out, all is hidden - long ago, said the snow. Nothing can ever bring it back - nothing can ever torture you again. There is no trace left. All is as if it never had been. Your footsteps & hers are long since covered over. If you were to look for her you never would find her. If she were to come seeking you it would be in vain. You have your wish, your wish! whispered the snow. You are safe, hidden, at peace. Free.
At that moment, upon that word a clock struck one loud single stroke. It was so loud, so mournful, so like a despairing groan that the feathery snowflakes seemed to shiver, to hesitate an instant, to fall again faster than ever as though something had frightened them - - - [KM Notebooks, undated]