13 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Dear Ida,
   Your ‘letter' came and had precisely the effect it was intended to have. Thank you. I believed in it myself as I read it. It sounded so real. I have had your telegrams. I understand about Susie. Do as you think best. Dont tire yourself by rushing. I don't think the little lady needs too much consideration, though, after the very casual way she has treated you. Miss Franklin is the person I like & your Mrs Scriven. They both sound delightful women.
   About plans. . . Do you want any money? I will send you a cheque for £7 to buy yourself any odd clothes you may need. I mean - stockings and so on. England is the only place for them, and to pay for your journey. I don't know what it costs. About the cat. Where can you leave him? Do you know of anywhere? Would Mrs S. have him if he was doctored? That wld mean hed be a quiet cat & not a fighter. Its impossible to have him here. For my plans are so vague.
   At the moment, too, I cant write letters. I haven't the time. Im late now for the Sphere & its a difficult job to keep all these things going. I write to nobody. Please forgive this, understand it & don't get anxious & don't telegraph unless you have to! I have such a horror of telegrams that ask me how I am!! I always want to reply dead. Its the only reply. What, in Heaven's name, can one answer?  [To Ida Baker, 14 June 1922.]