13 Feb

13 February 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

Dressmaker 11 a.m. [KM Notebooks]

Precious love - you know the Italian china? The 2nd kind we liked even better than the first? Its shop is here - packed. Plates, cups, letter racks, china trays. I am going to buy a whole pile of it with my Art & Letters money - if you agree? Do you? And have it packed in a crate. Its such a perfectly thrilling shop - one of our own shops you know. Its cold - deadly cold today. I am writing my review of Peter Jackson & the Dark River. But I feel a rag: Ive got fever. Temperature 100. I shant stir a step. Its the chauffage qui ne marche pas. But it wont matter after Sunday. Jinnie came yesterday to see me, it was her birthday: she is 64: I thought she was about 47. We are the same age when we're together - thats whats so queer. But she is a saint - a real saint - a holy woman. Its a great privilege to have known her.
Boge I see Gaby Deslys is dead of pleurisy. I am so sorry. She had just given up the stage because of her lungs - she couldn't sing any more & she was going to be married to the man & now poor little soul she and all her hats are dead. God rest her soul!
Grant Richards is coming to the Villa Flora on Tuesday with a closed car, taking me to Cap Martin & seeing me home - guaranteed no steps. But he says may I hope to persuade you to let me have the first refusal of your next novel? Well, I suppose there is no harm done: Ill ask for £60 in advance & then he'll be sorry. Woman next door to me - inferior Belgian in bed - with fever - being sick all day & then sighing in between & making SUCH noises - 2nd class Ladies Cabin noises like Harwich & Antwerp. Its very fierce not to have this place properly heated, though. Addio my own darling precious ONE.
Your Wig.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]