13 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

My dearest V.
   Forgive me, if you can, for delaying so long in answering your card & the photograph of my little neffys & the Cook Book for Ida. You see I put them in order of precedence but I was delighted to receive the first two, especially, and more especially, the second. Andrew & John have grown into such big boys now Eliza that there is no recognising them at all. John is the image of you, isn't he. Do you remember a photograph of yourself taken with Guy Tonks? If John only had curls he would be you as a child over again. Andrew looks extremely like Mack. Is he? The expression even seems to me to be his Father's. They are darling little boys & you must be tremendously proud of them. I wish I could think I might see them sometime in the near future. Id so like to hear them and watch them, don't you know? Jack was very interested in the photograph, too. Supposing I was critical . . . Is Andrew in a school uniform? Is that why he wears a linen collar? With that kind of suit English children of his age and ‘station' wear cricket shirts with soft turn-down collars. But I feel rather like Grandma B. [Beauchamp] commenting on what is no doubt a Canadian fashion. Don't be cross with me, darling! [To Vera McIntosh Bell, 10 August 1922.]