13 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dearest Violet
   Once again I have to send my regrets - not because I am ill this time. But I have to go to the clinic early to have a séance extraordinaire. They want to take photographs and so on, and I dare not go out to lunch beforehand. Its damnable! I only heard from M. [Dr. Manoukhin] this evening. But this is positively my last seance. After tomorrow I shall become a reasonable human being. Forgive me once again.
   My exquisite dip into life with you & Sydney has given me a longing for all kinds of things out of reach. Yes, money can buy very much. Your rooms, too! The peace of them and the subdued light. I did not realise such rooms existed in an hotel.
                  With so much love to you both
 [To Violet Schiff, 13 April 1922.]