12 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

My dear Sylvia,
Its the most miserable news to know you are in bed again and that again such bad sorrowful things have been happening to you. . .What can one say. I had so hoped and believed that your lean years were over. May they be over now!
Id love to come and see you. But stairs are unclimbable by me. I am better but I can't walk more than a few yards. I can walk about a house and give a very good imitation of a perfectly well and strong person in a restaurant or from the door across the pavement to the taxi. But thats all. My heart still wont recover. I think I shall be in England 2-3 months, as there is a man here who can give me the X ray treatment Ive been having in Paris. After that I shall go to Italy. But all is vague. Im seeing the specialist today. I may have to go back to Paris almost immediately. What it is to be in doctors hands!  [To Sylvia Lynd, 19 September 1922.]