12 October

12 October 1920

Villa Isola Bella Menton, France

My darling Own Bogey
It is such a Heavenly Day that I hardly know how to celebrate it - or rather I keep on celebrating it - having a kind of glorified mass with full Choir (but a has the Roman Catholics!). Its just blue and gold. In the val¬ley two workmen are singing - their voices come pressing up, expanding, scattering in the light - you know those Italian voices! I think from the sound they are building a house. I am sure the walls will hold this singing for ever & on every fine day put your hand there on that curve or that arch and there'll be a warmth a faint vibration . . . The sun woke me at 7 oclock - sitting sur mes pieds comme un chat d'or mais c'etait moi qui a fait ron-ron. And at 7.30 Marie brought dejeuner - petits pains with miel des Alpes & hot coffee on a fringed tray. Her old bones were fairly singing too. [. . .]
Good God! There are two lizards rushing up the palm tree! A Boge & a Wig. Lizards glister Heaven bless them. In the trunk of the palm high up some tiny sweet peas are growing & some frail dandelions. I love to see them. As I wrote that one lizard fell - simply fell with a crash (about 5000 feet) on to the terrace - and the other looked over one of those palm chunks - really it did. Ive never seen such an affair. It was Wig that fell of course. Now shes picked herself up & is flying hack. She seems as good as new - But its a mad thing to do.

I have a hundred things - oh a million things I want to talk about but the sun seems to draw them away from my heart into a heaven where they are little clouds with seraphim on them singing of her love of Bogey.[Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters 10 October 1920]