12 November

12 November 1920

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

I am awfully excited today. Its for this reason. I have made an offer to Jinnie for this villa for one year from May 1st next and tho' the offer has not been accepted it has also not been refused. Chances are even. Oh dear what torture. Perhaps you don't know that my feelings towards this villa are so fearfully intense that I think I shall have to be evicted if she doesn't give it to me. Its the first real home of my own I have ever loved. Pauline - yes, it wasn't home tho', neither was Runcton, not even Hampstead. Not really - not with this thrill. This little place is and always will be for me the one and only place, I feel. My heart beats for it like it beats for Karori. Isn't it awful. And for US it is made in every single particular. True theres no salle de bain. But theres a huge saucer bath and a spung as big as me. So what matters! The divine incomparable situation is the trick, I suppose. Heaven from dawn to dawn. Walking on the terrace by starlight looking up through my vieux palmier I could weep for joy. Running into the garden to see how many more buds are out in the morning is to run straight at - into - a blessing. The fires all burn - but not frightfully. The doors shut. The kitchen is big & the larder is down 10 steps that send a chill to ones knees. [. . .] At the back we could grow veg. In fack it is the dearest most ideal little corner. And private -just the next thing to an island. [. . .]
Am I a little hit mad? You will find ISOLA BELLA in poker work on my heart.

My own Love
While I think of it: Would it worry you very much to bring your big suet case (registered) with clothes in it? Things to wear. The point is this. No, I DONT want you to dress up, or to worry, but it would be most awfully nice if you brought a clean suit for here and a pair of grey trousers to wear with your jaegar jersey - or a grey suit - I cant remem¬ber what you've got. But I fearfully want you to look a little bit pretty - for Marie, for the doctor - for Jinnie - for . . . At the same time I know you may be a little fed up with me for suggesting it. But the journey isn't very grubby nowadays so if you do bring your not oldest overcoat it won't get spoilt. And a Hat. I don't want to make you feel I ask you to spend DS.
Bring as much as you like: I can guard it for you here, & keep my book money in future (if you agree to the scheme) to pay for the regis¬tration. I know you thought of coming in a rucksack & spegchicks [spectacles]: thats why I write. Its 2 cold at Xmas for white Duck [drawing of a duck sitting on top of the D] trousers. Now just absolutely straight dinkum would a cheque for £5 help with clothes? Please answer. Praps it would be more convenient for you to send the big suit case on? In front of you. But I don't think so. It means a tagseye across Paris but thats worth it. The metro's inferno at present.
What are your idears?

Wig. [Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]