12 November 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

Darling Bogey,
   I have 2 letters of yours to answer. What a queer situation with regard to Sylvia Sullivan. Poor L.E.! That is what comes of trying to help people without knowing how to. It only aggravates their disorders. Don't you find Sylvia S. attractive at all? I feel there is a certain personality in you which would be greatly drawn to her. I am surprised that her relations with Sullivan are not good. He gave me to understand that Dunning had convinced him completely of - not only her need of him but of his of her. I am so sorry for you when you speak of your life as emerging from your study & disappearing into it again. Don't you sicken of shutting that door & sitting down to that table? One feels like a spider in an empty house. For whom this web. Why do I strain to spin and spin? Here, I confess, after only five weeks, there are things I long to write! Oh, how I long to! But I shall not for a long time. Nothing is ready. I must wait until la maison est pleine. [To J. M. Murry, 12 November 1922.]