12 Mar

12 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Of course I don't now how to light a fire with damp wood, damp paper and 1 match BUT please reply telling me how to as who knows how soon I may have to do it (do you see the hint conveyed in these words?)

Giant Heron
Ill get you a corduroy coat if I can & send it packing. Im very very happy to have your letter. Please note: Seats is booked in the train if the train goes for April 27th and I do hope, time and tide permitting, you will meet me at the station - will you? Isn't it gorgeous to think we have 6 months in front of us and whats to prevent you and me from flitting over the heath & while he draws & paints enchanted landscapes she lies on the grass & tells him about the lions & tigers & crocodiles & boa constrictors that she used to feed under the palm trees at Mentone. Do you know the heron has got beautiful blue legs? I read that the other day.
You speak of the sadness of peoples minds being as they are. Yes, it is dreadful. I read Jack's article on John it was very good & its tragic to think a painter can sin against Art. But lets remember the ‘credit side' - and work for that. I have a real horror of the ‘John crew' in London and of all those traitors to Life - for thats what they really are.
Your little drawings are most awfully nice. Ill draw you some palms, there are so many different kinds. My favourite tree I really think, tho', is the lemon tree. Its far more beautiful than the orange. And then the prickly pear has a lot of drawing: its a very queer affair & then there's the pepper tree hung of course with pepper pots - but I wish you were here to sneeze at it with me.  [To Richard Murry in Collected Letters, c.13 March 1920]