12 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

My dear Ida
   I sent you a wire yesterday c/o Dolly in case you were with her and en train to fix up any negotiations. I wish I knew how firmly you and Susie were united. I deserve that you should have just found the ideal spot & that you answer me in immense haste with one eye on your first baking. But I am a little bit tired of getting my deserts & so I shall hope still that my plan is possible. Its not bad here. The place is too high for me. But then I always knew that. There was nothing else to be done, however. Make a strange journey & arrive at a strange place alone with Jack was out of the question. But I can not move about at all so far, and my heart thuds in my ear just as it did and bangs twice as fast all day. It is hateful to again have to give up baths, to again have to dress sitting down & sipping water and so on . . . But what the devil can one do? If you were here we would go to Lake Maggiore. There's no point in writing however until I get an answer to my letter. Re Wing. Don't you think he had better be doctored? He fights too much. Im glad you have bought one or two ‘bits of things'. No, I don't want anything in that line.
            Yours ever
               K.M. [To Ida Baker, 12 June 1922.]