12 Jan

12 January 1920

Casetta Deerholm, Ospedaletti - Italy

Last day I heard from Jack. Posted the story and a telegram. Very tired. The sea howled and boomed and roared away. When will this cup pass from me? Oh misery! I cannot sleep. I lie retracing my steps - going over all the old life before .... The baby of Garnet's love. [KM Notebooks]

My dearest Bogey
I received your wire yesterday Sunday and am sending by the first post registered this day (Monday) a story called The Man Without a Temperament. The MSS. I send is positively my only copy. I cannot possibly repeat it. May I beg you to see that it is not lost? I have asked Rutter to send either (1) the story to you if he doesnt want to use it or (2) the proofs to you in case he does. But if he does send it to you I would most earnestly intreat you to have it copied for me (at my expense) as it is one of the stories that I am giving to Grant Richards and as I have not so much as a shaving or a paring of it wherewith I could reconstruct its like. I hope I do not exaggerate. If I do - forgive me. You know a parent's feelings - they are terrible at this moment. I feel my darling goes among lions. And I think there is not a word I would change or that can be changed so would you examine the proofs with the MSS?-
That my novel review did not arrive on the Tuesday proves that Friday posting is not early enough. Youll have no more of that worry I promise you.
I have just sealed up my story. I am sorry to say Im nervous about its safety. If you could wire me the word arrived when you know it has arrived you would give me very great relief
Goodbye darling for now.

Take care of it for me, PLEASE PLEASE.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]