12 Feb

12 February 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

A lie is the unjust denial of the truth. She stood here. Yes, 64 dear, sat & raised her hands. Can I help her? I want to. Here is a woman whom I would love to make just a little happy - a great woman. [KM Notebooks]

Monday evening letters (1) and (2) received.
(1) Very well, Isabel about the Pension. But I must write an introduction saying it is early early work - or just that it was written between certain years, because you know, Betsy love, its nothing to be proud of. If you didn't advise me Id drop it overboard. But of course Ill do the other thing, & certainly it airs ones name. But why isn't it better! It makes me simply hang my head. Ill have to forge ahead & get another decent one written thats all.
(2) Ill repay you for the overcoat when Constables pay me. Thank you enormously for the figgers. They frighten me. You never mentioned your new suit. I don't know what colour it is or shape or anything - or whether there is any fringe on the trousers. I always rejoice when you buy clothes. When I am rich you will have such lovely clothes all real lace and silk velvet. You will have crimson satin sleeves slashed with Indian green silk and embroidered gloves with sachets sewn in them - just wait.
(3) I had your wire last night about my story. Oh dear I hope you do find a moment just to say a little more against OR for. I burned for you to like it.
(4) You are a perfect darling to have bothered to say all this about the money. No, theres not much to play with indeed. We're both rather short of pocket money. If God would only give us a sheer 1d a week dropped from Heaven every Saturday morning just for us to go off & spend.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]