12 February 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Mr Gerhardi,
   I can't tell you how honoured I am by your asking me to be Godmother. I have the warmest feelings towards your little nouveau ne and shall watch its first steps with all the eagerness a parent could desire. I cast about in my mind as to what to send it. Not a silver mug. No, not a mug. They only tilt them over their noses and breathe into them. Besides, the handle of mine, being silver was always red hot, so that I had to lap up what was inside, like a kitten. . . The matter I see demands time for consideration. But very seriously, I am most happy Cobden-Sanderson liked your book. I am sure it will be a success. And I look forward to reading it again and making other people read it. All success to you and many thanks.
   Please do not praise me too much. It is awfully nice to be praised but at the same time it makes me hang my head. I have done so little. I should have done so much more. There are these rows of stories, all waiting. All the same, I cant deny that praise is like a most lovely present, a bright bouquet coming to one (but gently! I hope) out of the air. Dont imagine for one moment though, that I think myself ‘wonderful'. That is far from the truth. I take writing too seriously to be able to flatter myself. Ive only begun. The only story that satisfies me to any extent is the one you understand so well ‘The Daughters of the Late Col.' & parts of Je ne parle pas. But Heavens! what a journey there is before one!  [To  William Gerhardi, 8 February 1922.]

Dear Mr Pinker,
Many thanks for your letter. I will try and write another story for The Sketch as soon as possible. I am undergoing treatment here which will make work rather difficult for the next few weeks.
I sincerely hope that many of your writers do not give you so much trouble with correspondence. I am ashamed that you should have to write to me so often.
Yours sincerely
Katherine Mansfield

Dear Mr Pinker
I beg to acknowledge with my grateful thanks the cheque for £12.2. received by me today.
Yours sincerely
Katherine Mansfield [To J.B. Pinker, 8 & 9 February 1922.]