12 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

I hope this trouble is something that can be corrected easily. I feel sure it is. But until I know just what it is there is always the feeling I may be doing the very thing that will send me on my last journey before my work is anything like finished here below! That's what I have been feeling all this week.
   I should not dream of worrying you with all this, my dearest, if it wasn't that we had arranged to meet in Paris, and that I have upset your plans. Do believe me it costs me a great deal to have to do so. Nothing short of necessity would induce me to.
I shall go straight to my good friend, Miss Brett, on arrival. My address, therefore, will be: -
C/- Hon. Dorothy Brett,
  6, Pond Street,
   I shall try and see Sorapure on Thursday. If you are in London, would you telephone me, or let me know where I may write or telephone you. If you are at Wood Hay, perhaps it would be best if I write you a report of proceedings after my interview with Sorapure. Please don't be cross with me for being such a bothersome child. I feel it with my whole heart, even though it's a "sickly" one. In any case, darling, I will communicate with you on arrival, and we can, I hope, arrange to meet then. Will the girls forgive me, too?
   With my fondest love,
            Ever your devoted child
                       Kass [To Harold Beauchamp, 10 August 1922.]